Foot Control
Foot Control

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Foot CONTROL, Babylock BL4-838D, Elna 2003/5; Simplicity
USE 369434-003


Compatible with Machine Models:

Babylock: BL3-318
Babylock: BL3-407
Babylock: BL3-408
Babylock: BL3-416
Babylock: BL3-417
Babylock: BL3-418
Babylock: BL4-428D
Babylock: BL4-605
Babylock: BL4-728
Babylock: BL4-728D
Babylock: BL4-736
Babylock: BL4-738
Babylock: BL4-738D
Babylock: BL4-738 (NS)
Babylock: BL5260
Babylock: BL5260D
Babylock: BL5280E
Babylock: BL5280ED
Babylock: BL5280E (NS)
Babylock: BL5360ED
Babylock: BL5380ED
Babylock: BLE1
Babylock: BLE1/SX
Babylock: EA-605
Simplicity: SL500
Simplicity: SL660
Simplicity: SL850
Simplicity: SL880D
Babylock: BL4-736D
Babylock: BL4-838D
Elna: 2003
Elna: 2005 (elna)
Babylock: DBL34-60
Babylock: BL80
Babylock: BL90
Simplicity: SL237
Simplicity: SL2507
Elna: 2007
Babylock: BL3-437
Babylock: BLSE200
Babylock: BLSE300
Babylock: BL415
Babylock: BL428K
Babylock: BL3-437D
Babylock: BLE1DX
Babylock: BLE1LX
Babylock: BLE1AT
Babylock: BL4-436DF