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Fiskars Finland 9" Dressmaker Shears

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Fiskars Dressmaker Shears for long, smooth cuts through multiple layers of medium to heavy fabrics. Extra-long blades maximize your efficiency, and larger, bent handles provide comfortable use and improved leverage while holding your fabric flat.
The Dressmaker Shears feature blades ground with a proprietary technique and ergonomically designed handles for cutting performance, control and comfort

Les Détails:
Ideal for difficult-to-cut material including silk, denim, leather and multiple layers of fabric

Proprietary blade grinding technique provides a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip

Specially formulated Swedish stainless steel blades will not rust or dull

Innovative blade design provides superior cutting performance with less force

Ergonomic handles are sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing comfort, sensitivity and control

Larger handle loops fit hands of all sizes

Bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting

Length: 9"

Proudly made in Finland based on a 360-year tradition of craftsmanship