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Pressit Steam Pressing Cloth
Pressit Steam Pressing Cloth

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Pressit™ gives longer lasting steam release and needs rewetting less often than other pressing cloths. Pressit™ easily wrings out almost dry so you can determine the amount of moisture you want for ironing any garment. More than a wonderful ironing cloth, Pressit™ has many uses. This remarkable viscose fabric holds ten times its weight in liquid and sops up spills from children in high-chairs or fast-food drinks in the car. Use damp dry as a dust cloth. It is perfect as a kitchen counter wipe-up cloth, an atheletic rub down cloth, or even a car detailing cloth! Sewing room, kitchen, workshop, car or baby bag, Pressit makes ordinary towels obsolete! Unit measures 13"x20".

Absorbs ten times it's weight in liquid. Choose the right degree of moisture for any garment. Remarkable viscose fabric wring nearly dry.
Cloth 13" x 20"