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Light Bulb
Light Bulb

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LIGHT BULB, PUSH-IN 19/32 inch Base; Singer; AlphaSew; Babylock; Simplicity; Riccar

15 Watt, Push in, Clear, 1-1/2" Glass, Most Machines

Compatible with Machine Models:

Singer: 221 (singer)
Babylock: BL300
Riccar: RL624
Riccar: RL634E
Simplicity: SL803
Simplicity: SL804
Simplicity: SL804D
Simplicity: SL843
Riccar: RL624E
Simplicity: SL415
Simplicity: SL1650
Simplicity: SL6220
Alphasew: 221 (alphasew)
Babylock: BL430
Babylock: BL432
Babylock: BL5030
Babylock: BL5040
Babylock: BL5040L