Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener, 45 Mm
Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener, 45 Mm

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The Omnigrid Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener (2110) sharpens 45mm Rotary Cutter Blades. Apply a very small drop of fine oil to blade every 10 to 20 times to enhance sharpening process. Item Number: 2110 Use the Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener to remove small burrs and dull spots from your rotary cutter blade Hold the sharpening disk in one hand, position blade directly onto abrasive disk and twist back and forth a few times Complete instructions inside Package includes (1) dual rotary cutter for 45mm rotatry cutter blades

UPC:762511021102 Amount per box: 6