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Singer Simple Decorative Machine Stitching, Book
Singer Simple Decorative Machine Stitching, Book

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A quick guide to creating fancy stitches and special effects¨on any type of sewing machine.
SINGER Simple Decorative Machine Stitching is a new book in the SINGER Simple series. This ˘at your fingertips÷ guide present dozens of techniques that creative stitchers -- of garments and home decor -- will refer to again and again.
Inside is an indexed collection of decorative hand and machine stitches and specialty techniques, including beading, silk ribbon work, applique, and more. Clear, concise, colored line drawings illustrate the pages.
The book is designed for readers working on any type of sewing machine.
Although it provides an overview of the many types of software, specialty machines, and computer applications available for decorative stitching, this book presents techniques that succeed with even the most basic sewing machine.