Premax 7-1/2" Ringlock True Left Bent Shears Super Comfort Handles
Premax 7-1/2

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The exciting new Premax Ring Lock system in True Left Handed 7-1/2" Bent Shears with Super Comfort Handles.


After years of research and scientific studies, premax® created the Ring Lock System®, an innovative assembly system for scissors and cutting tools. Uniquely developed and patented by strong>premax®, this assembly method forever eliminates the problem of the screw loosening and the resulting decrease in the cutting action of the scissors.

When the screw loosens on a pair of scissors, the cutting efficiency and precision sharply declines. The Ring Lock System® developed by premax® resolves this problem by keeping the blades consistently and properly set at all times.

The Ring Lock System® developed by premax® starts with a stainless steel bearing, an aluminum bearing, and a Teflon ring. A special high precision machine, the kind used in the watch industry, assembles these three components together. This creates a precise setting of the blades, eliminates any "twist" of the blades and guarantees a uniform quality of the production lot.
The Ring Lock System® significantly improves the movement of the blades. Employing the principles of rotation around the Teflon ring, auto lubricating, and the use of a non-deforming material, the blades are kept stable and are guaranteed forever.

With the Ring Lock System® developed by premax®, the circumference around which the blades rotate is 60% bigger than on traditional scissors. This is the key to a smoother and more precise cut and adds to the longevity of the blade edge.

Tests and Controls
Using special equipment, premax® has carried out several tests to certify the effectiveness of their new system and to demonstrate the superior standards used in their assembly method.

Endurance and Capability
The chart shows the advantages of the Ring Lock System® compared with traditional scissors.

Ring Lock System

Traditional System

(1) Cutting life
(2) Cutting precision
(3) Reduced blades "twist"
(4) Production lots uniformity

Design and Materials
The implements are made either with high quality carbon steel or stainless steel that has passed endurance and reliability tests in accordance with ISO standards.
After specifically studying the movements of the hands, premax® created implements with perfect ergonomics, ensuring a very comfortable and functional use. The same studies allowed premax® to be the first to make two different product lines, for Men and for Women, distinguished by the different colors on the Ring Lock System®. The ergonomic handles, along with the elegant design, make these product lines unique and exclusive.