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Titanium Needle
Titanium Needle

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TITANIUM Needle 11

Compatible with Machine Models:

Singer: 201-2
Omega: 334D (omega)
Viking: S560
Viking: S800 (viking)
Viking: S900 (viking)
Singer: 1200-1
Omega: 15J103
Omega: 15J134
Omega: 303SI
Viking: 560ED
Viking: 560EDT
Juki: MO613
Juki: MO634DE
Juki: MO644D
Juki: MO654DE
Juki: MO655
Juki: MO655DE
Janome: 203 (new home)
Janome: 303
Janome: 234 (new home)
Janome: 234D (new home)
Janome: 334D (new home)
Janome: 434D (new home)
Janome: 534D (new home)
Janome: MyLock 634D
Janome: MyLock 134D
Juki: MO634
Janome: COMBI 6
Janome: COMBI 10
Mammylock: ML1026
Mammylock: PL1026